Sparta Pine Wood Derby Club


1st Annual Derby.
To be held at the White County Fair,
Sunday September 3rd, 6:00 p.m.
(Kids day at the fair - fair admission is only one can of food)

All participants need to fill out the registration form below prior to Friday Sept. 1st, 12:00 PM. 
The first 24 registering members will receive a FREE maximum velocity derby car (Limit 1 car per person and 4 cars per household). We have purchased bulk quantities of maximum velocity cars at a discount price, and cars can be purchase for $5 (cash) each (while supplies last). 

We will have a open workshop time on Wednesday Aug. 30th and Thursday Aug. 31st, from 5:30-7:30 PM. We will have a scroll saw available for cutting out designs, sanding supplies, and some limited spray paints and stickers for people to work on their cars. We hope have more tools and supplies available at future meetings. The track will be set up and available for people to practice on. We ask that all minor are accompanied by a adult. 

We will be holding a on-site build class at the fair, sept. 3rd. We will be providing free cars for children 15 and under while supplies last. We also plan to have sand paper paint and stickers available at the fair class.

Continue reading below for more infomation and registration.



2023 Spart pine wood derby club Rules:

*Only BSA or Maximum Velocity pine wood derby car kits are permitted.
*Cars must have BSA or Maximum Velocity wheels.
*No Bearings are permitted. Only dry lubrication is permitted.
*No reshaping wheel profile or tread.
*Cars can only weigh no more then 5 oz. on the official scale.
*Car’s can not be over the following dimensions: 2.75” wide, 7.125” long, 5.0” tall.


Sparta Pine Wood Derby Club Divisions:

0-7 years old (Parental help permitted on all stages).
8-10 years old (Parental help permitted in cutting design only - but parental guidance highly encouraged).
11-13 years old (Parental help permitted in cutting design only - but parental guidance highly encouraged).
14-16 years old (Parental help NOT permitted - but parental guidance is still highly encouraged).
17 and older (participants are not allowed to have others work on their car).

                Note: The point of this is so that families in the community will have a fun activity to participate in together. For kids to have to a fun event to interact with their parents. We would still like to see kid learn some fine motors skills in working on their own car, and have something they have done themselves, but this is still all with parental guidance and interaction. For the fair and with giving out ribbons and we want a even playing field but we still want parental interaction and guidance in all divisions. 


Awards at the White County Fair:

Ribbons will be given for 1st, 2nd, & 3rd place for races per age division. All age division winners will also race each other for the derby Grand Champion. There will also be ribbons given for each age division for 1st, 2nd, & 3rd based on best design.


Grading Criteria for “Best Design”:

Difficulty of Build (Scoring 0 – 10)
Aesthetics (Scoring 0 – 10)
Creativity (Scoring 0 – 10)


Track Information:

Starting height: Roughly 54” heigh.
Track length: Roughly 35’ long.
Lane Height: Roughly 1/8” high.
Material: Wood with acrylic coating. 

*Note race winners will be visually judged. We hope to have a electronic timer in the future.  You can see a "unfinished stage of the track in the video below, it will be finished for the fair.


Last step is to register, which is right below the video. 
For any questions reach out to Eric (425) 346-1807



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